ESS Winter Camp: Tennis!

Dec 8, 2022

Download the PDF here.

Dear parents,

We will run an exclusive Blessed Sacrament’s Winter camp Tennis and Gymnastics/Basketball.

Please ensure that you carefully read through the following notice and return the attached Informed Consent/Permission form to the Blessed Sacrament school office, Attention: Mrs. Daccache.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Daccache on before signing the Informed Consent/Permission form.

Vision and values:

Teamwork: We believe in working as a group to achieve a common goal with all members, and we believe in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Respect: We respect ourselves and each other while encouraging and embracing our differences. As Jesus told us to do.

Integrity: We have a high regard for truth, play according to the rules, strive to act in ethical ways and are sincere in our actions.

Commitment: We are committed to the school and community we serve, and we will work hard to achieve our goals and objectives.

Mission Statement

●  To teach life skills using and empowering young children.

●  To offer professional coaching and have fun.

●  Live by Jesus Christ word.

●  To support Blessed Sacrament parents during the winter break.

  • Values: Integrity – Satisfaction -Have fun- Achievement What are values?

    Values are the things we hold important. They define our identity. They also define the operating qualities used to improve performance. Our core strategy is based on the following: focusing on our core objective of developing young students starting at an early age.

    Focus areas:
    –  Safety performance
    –  Skills
    –  Physical health & Sportsmanship/team building.


The program is going to be for 1 week as follows:

Week one Tennis Camp: Dec 19th to Dec 23rd from 9:00 am till 12:30 pm

The schedule will be as below:

Every morning will start our day with prayer and Saint of the day, by the end of each day will thank Jesus for all he gave us. From 9:00 till 9:15 am.

Week one:

From 9:15 am 12:30 pm: Tennis skills and coordination with Coach Derek (tennis player and Coach). We will have a snack break for 15 min.

Amount can be paid with cash or via E-transfer to:

Please note that although this Camp is being held in Blessed Sacrament gym, and is being led by CISVA Employee, the Winter camp is separated from the regular school programming, any concerns are directed to me, Mrs. Oleigue at and not to the school.




I would like to register my Child _________________________________________ in Grade _________ to be a member of the Winter’ Camp, to attend all scheduled activities.

I am aware that:

  1. 1)  As in any camp, certain inherent risks are present. I understand that risk.
  2. 2)  I am not aware of any medical conditions which would affect my child’s participation.
  3. 3)  Accidents can be the result of the nature of any activity or can occur without any fault on either the students, the coaches or the facility where the activity is taking place. By allowing my child to participate in this Winter’s Camp, I accept the risk of an accident occurring, and agree that this activity is suitable for my child.
  4. 4)  I acknowledge that there are risks associated with participating in the Blessed Sacrament Winter Camp programs and that the measures taken by coaches and participants, including those set out in the BC Plan and this agreement, will not eliminate those risks.

Number of weeks participant will attend:

Week one: Dec 19th to Dec 23th

Week two: Dec 26th to Dec 30th

Any medical concerns or allergies: ________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Parent Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Phone Number: _________________________________________________


(Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature) (Date)

Kindly send the completed forms (addressed to: Oleighe Daccache) none later than

Wednesday Dec 14/2022 . Forms can be given to the Blessed Sacrament school office.page3image22128576