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1. Can I receive parent participation hours or a tax receipt for my class basket donation? The silent auction is a fundraiser and thus the class basket is a voluntary donation given from the heart on behalf of the class. The purpose of the basket is to contribute something as a class to help with the success of the auction. We encourage all families to participate. Those families who wish to contribute $100 or more towards the class basket will receive 3 Parent Participation Hours. (A tax receipt however cannot be issued to families who contribute monetarily to the class basket regardless of donation amount.)

2. I would like to contribute to my class basket as well as donate an item separately on behalf of my family. Can I do this? Absolutely! The more items we have up for auction the more success we will have. If you purchase an item outside of the class basket and fill out the donation, you will be individually acknowledged (if you choose so). If your purchase is $100 or more (pre tax), you are eligible for PP Hours OR a tax receipt.

3. If I contribute to the class basket, will I personally be recognized in the silent auction? All donations given to your class parent will be used towards the class basket only, regardless of the amount given. Your class Grade will be listed as the basket donor as it is a group/class effort (there will be no specific mention of any individual person).

4. Can I e-transfer my class parent cash, request they purchase an item on my families behalf and I collect the tax receipt? Yes, only if this is for the class basket.

5. If I acquire donations from a local business, can I receive PP Hours? Yes! For every donation acquired from a local business you will be given 1 PP Hour. You can pick up a business donation letter at the office or it can be found on our school website. The business will be listed as the donor on our online platform. You too will be mentioned for your hard work!

6. Can I get both hours and a tax receipt? Only one or the other will be given. Please specify which you are requesting on the donation form. You must staple the purchase receipt of $100 or greater (before tax) to the donation form.

7. Can I get a tax receipt without proof of purchase? Proof of purchase is required when issuing any sort of tax receipts as per CRA. Tax receipts are issued by Blessed Sacrament Parish as they are a registered charity. The school cannot issue tax receipts.

8. Can I hand in my donation form, receipts and items separately? We require the donation form, receipts and items to be handed in together on Friday February 24th from 3-4pm by the Kindergarten entrance. (Alternate arrangements via the office)

9. I would like to donate to the silent auction but prefer not to purchase an item. Can I be a donor? Yes. If you wish to be a donor for the auction we have a separate space on our silent auction platform to do so. Donors can remain anonymous if they choose. Simply visit the office to drop off your donation along with the completed donation form. Cheques must be made out to ‘Blessed Sacrament Parish’.

10. When can I pick up my winning items? All auction items are to be picked up Friday April 28th from 3-4 pm at Blessed Sacrament School school courtyard. Payment is due in full upon pick up. We accept cash and cheques. Cheques are to be made out to ‘Blessed Sacrament Parish’ and dated for April 28th.



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