Letters of Expression from Archbishop Miller and Superintendent Deacon Luyten

Dear ÉSS families and community members,

As directed by the Catholic Independent Schools of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, please find the attached letters below:
  • CISVA Letter released today from Superintendent Deacon Luyten 
  • Expression of Commitment from Archbishop Miller released today as well as his two Letters of Expressions of Apology and Hope from 2013 and 2015
The purpose of this release is to provide you with our Archdiocese's actions that have been taken to address, acknowledge and apologize for the wrongs committed at Residential Schools that historically have been under the Archdiocese of Vancouver. 
This Friday, during our school mass, we will be including additional prayers for the 215 children whose remains were found at the former Residential School in Kamloops. 
God bless,  

Mme Reine Sader Mykyte 
Directrice École Saint-Sacrement / Principal Blessed Sacrament School

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