BC Bishops' Campaign in Support of Healing and Reconciliation

Archbishop Miller’s message on the Campaign in Support of Healing & Reconciliation
This weekend, September 11&12, there will be a second collection as part of the province-wide Campaign in Support of Healing & Reconciliation.

This campaign is a further way for the Archdiocese of Vancouver to show First Nations and Indigenous people that we are committed to the path of Truth and Reconciliation. Proceeds from this Campaign will be focused on the following categories:
  • Truth: Following the news reports from Residential School cemetery sites in BC, the Church is offering assistance to First Nations in finding out who died at the schools, and what caused their deaths.
  • Healing: When called upon by First Nations communities, the Archdiocese will contribute to mental health support for families impacted by findings at the cemetery sites in addition to expanding our community outreach programs, including emergency shelter, free counselling, food, art therapy, and social work.
  • Reconciliation: As the truth is confirmed and healing programs take place, we will work to deepen our partnerships with First Nations communities in the Archdiocese. Our goal is first of all to listen and learn from Indigenous peoples, and together explore ways to facilitate healing and reconciliation in this region.
100% of the contributions made to the Archdiocese of Vancouver for this campaign will be allocated to projects that support these initiatives. These projects will be carried out in consultation with Indigenous leadership, survivors, elders, and other community members.

This campaign is part of the ongoing response to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action and it is our hope that this campaign will help to restore trust and further the ongoing journey to healing.

Please give generously to this collection and continue to pray for truth, healing, and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people across the province.

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  - June 2, 2021
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"We recognize that there is so much work remaining to be done, yet we hope that, if we persevere in these commitments with humility, we can restore the trust among us that will bring healing."
- Archbishop J. Michael Miller
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