The following excerpt from CISVA Student Health Policy 406 addresses some of the questions we have received:



Communicable Disease Control 

  • The immunization program provided by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and Fraser Health Authorities is aimed at maintaining adequate levels of protection in school populations against major vaccine-preventable diseases. 
  • The school administrator will: 
    • Distribute immunization information and consent forms (VCH, FHA, school and/or CISVA information are distributed as necessary);
    • Collect completed forms for the community health nurse (to be handed over to the community nurse once collected);
    • Provide a safe environment in the school for delivery of the immunization program.
  • The Parent/Guardian will:
    • Provide immunization records when a student registers in the school for the first time.
    • Provide a completed consent form for the student for all immunizations (consent form will indicate yes or no). 
  • The Student will:
    • Return signed parental consent forms to the school (no student can give personal consent for an immunization).
    • Attend designated immunization areas in an orderly manner.
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